December News

Compliments of the season everyone!

The team at Interlogix hope you all had a restful time off. We have a had a bumper season with lots of shipments arriving all at the 11th hour, the team has worked tirelessly to avoid penalties, storage and delays where possible.

The permit office reopens on the 7th of January and then the abnormal loads that we were not able to pre-apply for permits to move, should all get going by Tuesday the 8th of January, thank you for your patience during this trying time where so many obstacles pop up in the form of permit office closures, embargos, equipment shortages as demand soars, and of course the engine room of the operation - the drivers who also need some well deserved time off to enjoy the festivities with their families.

The group has during the month of December gone live with our new ERP system - Netsuite. We have officially moved into the cloud and so far so good with no serious glitches to speak of. Keep in mind the system switch is going to mean some new layouts and a new numbering system. Please bear with us as we all get used to the new documentation.

2019 is going to bring our new space online in Namibia which is due at the end of February we are very excited to take delivery of this space put it to work to better serve our customers. If you have any queries with regards to the new facility please do reach out to Jason who will be happy to assist.

All the very best for 2019, we look forward to serving you.