Tailor-made Logistics Solutions


The Interlogix group is a provider of Project Management and Logistic services. It has served a primarily blue-chip client base; oil and gas, petrochemical and mining metals and heavy lift sectors, for more than 30 years.

The Interlogix group is dedicated to innovation and excellence in the provision of a full range of technical and project management skills – from procurement, planning, implementing and start-up – to assist clients in developing new routes and avenues, as well as effectively applying new ideas to upgrade and expand existing ones.

Its three Offices - Durban, Johannesburg and Walvis Bay – give clients access to a wide range of resources within the Sub Saharan area, providing flexibility and skills to execute demanding and complex projects in some of the most remote locations in Southern Africa.


  •  Project Management
  •  Large Customs Road Bond covering South Africa and Namibia
  •  Road Transport Consolidation Loads / Full Loads / Abnormal Loads
  •  Unpack / Repack / Pack and Secure Containerised Cargo
  • Warehousing - Durban / Johannesburg / Walvis Bay
  •  Logistical Cargo Management Into Africa
  •  Fully Licensed Customs Agent

We service all the available road freight routes, including but not limited to: 

  • Tanzania - Tanduma to Dar Es Salaam / Daganmoyo, Arusha, Dodoma to Kahama, Kahama to Mwanza / Geita
  • DRC - Lubumbashi, Likasi, Tenke, Kolwezi, Kilwa and Pweto
  • Mozambique - All destinations from Maputo to Pemba
  • Kenya - Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Moyale
  • Angola - From Oshikango to Cabinda, Lobito to Chitato in the NE Region
  • Zimbabwe - All Destinations
  • Botswana - All Destinations
  • Lesotho - All Destinations
  • Swaziland - All Destinations
  • Namibia - All Destinations
  • Uganda - Kampala
  • Rwanda - Kigali
  • Burindi - Bujumbura
  • Malawi - All Destinations
  • South Africa - All Destinations 

front End Support

  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Route Surveys 
  • Logistical Plans


  • Expediting 
  • Status Reporting 
  • Assistance to Procurement
  • Offloading  

International Freight

  • Global Consolidation 
  • Freight - Sea and Air
  • Special Charters - Sea and Air

East Africa services& South Sudan 

  • Customs Consultancy and advisory
  • Customs clearance and Bond services
  • Road and Lake Transportation 
  • Heavy Haulage, Express Delivery and Dangerous Goods


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